Laura Savini

Laura Savini
EU Research & Innovation Funding Expert
Finlombarda S.p.A

Laura Savini has a degree in Political Sciences and a master in innovation management. She has acquired a broad experience in research and innovation policy and instruments at both European and local level while working in public or public/private organisations at national regional and european level. At the moment she works in Finlombarda S.p.A (financial company of Lombardia region) where she in charge of the development and management of support services and measures to enhance and qualify the participation of regional stakeholder to EU innovation processes and funding . She provides technical support to the region for the drafting and implementation of a wider regional strategy and programmes aimed to integrate and coordinate different initiatives and funds for innovation i (national, regional and structural funds ) in a coherent and synergic vision.

The RIS3 context presents an excellent opportunity to link regional and national policy mixes with other European programmes and financial instruments. The integration of different levels of programming and funding is a strategic objective in the Lombardy Region research and innovation policy.

Past experiences of combination of national and regional funds as well of different structural funds showed that the benefit goes beyond the simple addition of resources as it allow to design more comprehensive measures, nevertheless the administrative requirements proved to be important.

The new European framework (Common Provisions Regulation of the ESIF and Horizon 2020) calls for a stronger commitment of public authorities at all levels. Lombardy Region retains that synergies can be effective only if embedded in strategic vision that permeates both the programming and operational level, also through appropriate tools of sharing with the territory such as Clusters and Open Innovation collaborative platform.

In this context some initiatives are already implemented, such as the regional voucher for excellent but no funded SME Instrument phase 1”the combination of regional and private funds to support synergies with ERC – European Research Council initiatives; and others underway, are relevant building blocks of a wider approach.

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