Kristiina Jokelainen

Kristiina Jokelainen
Senior Advisor
Regional Council of Lapland

Ms Kristiina Jokelainen is working in the Regional Council of Lapland as senior adviser, coordinating the implementation of regional Smart Specialisation and related EU level collaboration. The Regional Council of Lapland is a joint municipal board formed by its 21 member municipalities and is one of the 19 regional councils in Finland. The Regional Council of Lapland is responsible for the regional development of the area, the regional land use planning and rescue service of Lapland operates under the Council. It manages the national development programme work related to the national and EU structural funds, and operates as the administrative authority of the Kolarctic ENPI programme. The Council is also in charge of international cooperation efforts in the region. During the past years the regional council has took an active role to promote Lapland as attractive partners in EU level collaboration.

Kristiina Jokelainen, MSc, has 20 years’ experiences with working on economic, research and innovation development projects or multi-sector cooperation activities in Finland, Eastern European, Central Asian and EU Countries. During her working career, she has been in charge or involved over 300 different development projects funded mainly by EC. She has a long-term expertise in development organisational capacity and competences on local and regional authorities and other public structures, using of participatory approaches and techniques, development of public involvement and partnership models, how to use projects as a tool for regional and international development, developing and coordinating regional innovation systems for SME development.

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