Imke Carsouw

Imke Carsouw
Managing Director
Brainport Development

Imke Carsouw-Huizing has been heading Brainport Development as Managing Director since 2012. In 1995 and the years after she took on several positions in the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Until she transferred to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1997, focussing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Since 2005 Mrs Carsouw has been actively engaged in Southeast Netherlands for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. She took on responsibility for the development of an economic vision and a plan of action for the region. The “Peaks in the Delta” approach resulted in intensive cooperation between the national and regional governments, generating concrete results. From 2010 until 2012 Mrs Imke Carsouw-Huizing was responsible for policy development and execution of the generic entrepreneurship policy for SMEs at the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Innovation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Brainport Development is a new-style development agency that works with representatives from industry, knowledge institutions and government to strengthen Brainport as a top region for technology. Brainport is an important cornerstone of the Dutch economy and part of the technological backbone of Europe. Brainport Development encourages and develops regional and (inter)national projects and programmes, promotes Brainport at home and abroad, and facilitates regional industry through business advice and funding, incubation facilities, business premises and business centres.

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