Adriana Agrimi

Adriana Agrimi
Director Industrial Research
Apulia Region

Adriana Agrimi is currently Head of the Industrial Research and Innovation Service, Department of Economic Development, Education, Training And Employment of Apulia Region. Prior to this position, she acted as technical coordinator of ARTI (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation) for 4 years, implementing and evaluating regional innovation policies. She also represented Apulia Region in the European network Innovating Regions (EU Commission – Enterprises General Direction). She coordinated Technological Transfer activities as responsible of the European Innovation Relay Centre IRIDE in Scientific and Technological Park Tecnopolis CSATA.

Her session is about New policy approach in South Italy to tackle the economic crisis and enhance development. The Apulian ICT Living Lab joins private- and public-sector stakeholders and consumers to boost sustainable economic growth. The project aims to introduce an innovative way for local businesses to answer public sector needs through technological innovation. To ensure a higher level of quality, utility and social acceptance of the ICT solutions provided by Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the Apulian ICT Living Lab model promotes active ‘prosumers’ by creating domain-specific open innovation environments within real-life conditions. This should lead to solutions being closer to a possible market application, since the services and platforms would be ‘co-created’ with the end users (genuine consumers) in an every-day environment.

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