The WIRE 2016 conference is themed: The Power of Regional Innovation Ecosystems. Under this overall theme on how to build succesful regional innovation ecosystems are four interlinked thematic Programme Lines. Each of these has its own speakers and sessions.

Strategies & Synergies
‘Synergies’ should be more than merely combining financial resources. Synergies can be part of a strategy, aim at long term sustainable results, about taking actions beyond the capacity of a single organisation, and about making this possible by combining different funding means.

Global Value Chains
For the European Union to be succesful it is highly necessary that economic players can function as unmissable actors or directors within a number of key global value chains and maintain a strong competitive regional and European position. Europe needs to secure its position in the rapidly evolving world. This requires the ability of mastering complexity, scale and speed of developments.

The Art of Collaboration
A shared agenda cannot originate without collaboration in its preperation. Neither can it be successfully implemented without collaboration. Leadership, mutual trust, a shared vision, shared and supported choices and ownership are needed. Agile organisations realise that they do not have the knowledge, capacity, time and funds to achieve success on their own. They need collaboration in a networked environment. This leads to involvement and engagement in an ecosystem.

Logic of Public Intervention
Successful economic ecosystems do not reduce public intervention to a level ‘zero’. Successful ecosystems build on fruitful collaborations betwen public and private partners. Public partners have a role to play in those parts of the chain which do not have a ‘positive return on investment’, but that are essential since they are the base on which more profitable activities can be build. A shared agenda cannot originate without collaboration in its preparation.

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